Friday, January 4, 2013

When Spontaneity Comes to Play

We are trying something different this year - we are planning vacations well in advance.  We are throwing my fun-loving friend Spontaneity out the window, or at least showing her the door,  and replacing her with her calm and predictable cousin, Scripted Living to see how we like hanging out with her. 

This means that since November I've known that Josh and I are going on vacation together again a few more months. This has beat our last planned vacation by at least 5 months.  

Unless you count the trip we tried to book with friends last summer. When Sponaneity heard we'd consulted Scripted Living 9 months before the planned departure, she got all huffy and decided that those friends would instead go on a trip with her to Jakarta - for two years, and that they would need to leave a week before the planned trip and then to show me who was boss she also added that Tyson should rather suddenly, if not spontaneously, have to have his gall bladder removed right when Scripted Living had planned the camping trip. It seems she got all scrunty when we didn't notify her that we weren't going to be planning  a vacation with enough short notice...go figure.

All of that to say, I think I might like planning things with Scripted Living every now and then. I certainly love a lot of people who live in her neighbourhood.  I will admit it's very strange to not have the excitement that comes with having an idea and getting all those details: babysitting, schedules changed, flights, hotels, passports thrown together in as short of a time as possible.  

So I feel pretty snazzy that I found a way to let Spontaneity come and play whilst Scripted Living was busy planning...I don't know, something.  Truthfully, although I value the strength and stability that she brings I don't really understand Scripted Living, and Spontaneity and I were thinking about the vacation today and she looked over at me with that mischevious glimmer in her eye and said "You need to do something fun for your vacation - right NOW!"  I hesitated...was this okay? I mean, it seemed so sudden. Scripted Living won't even mind, Spontaneity said,  she'll be proud of you for making a decision like this all on your own, so WELL IN ADVANCE of your vacation. She loves that kind of me. So Spontaneity took me to my favourite vacation website: and we ordered this - the swimsuit, not the person:

And Spontaneity and I said "It was good".  

Her sweet reliable cousin Scripted Living rolled her eyes, knowing there was nothing she could have done to have stopped Spontaneity from being who she was meant to be and just was thankful she had a budget for clothing done in advance.

The End.

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