Friday, March 22, 2013

When Testosterone Reigns Supreme

We have a very boy-heavy household.  Which is exactly and extremely the opposite of how I grew up.  Not that I was ever a girly-girl, but it was just different.  So every once in a while I have a "I am in uncharted territory" moments where I can't help but smile and shake my head.

Take for example last week when I came across a clipped news article one of my boys brought home the other day. 

Mom, am I really doing a blog post about farts?  I'm sorry Mom.  I'm sure you raised me better. 

Maybe I should just blame homeschooling.  Except I know plenty of homeschoolers who wouldn't find farts nearly so interesting - at least not interesting enough to clip and save an article about said topic. Remember:  homeschooling doesn't make kids weird.  Weird parents make kids weird. 

So here I am writing about farts and feeling fairly confident that the weird ship has already sailed.  Dang. 

Part of the problem is that my finely tuned sense of humour that didn't make it much past "grade four boy" level.  So maybe God knew what he was doing when he blessed with only one girl and then four wonderful boys.

I have considered embracing the "if you can't beat them join them" mentality, but I'm not sure it would up my coolness factor, and we all know that good parenting is a result of your kids knowing you are cool. 

Deep thoughts to ponder. Or as Keanu Reeves would say:  "Whoa."

May your Friday be fantastic and smell like...cupcakes.


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