Monday, August 26, 2013

That Time When I Took Pictures...

I've talked before about what a horrid photo documentation skills I have.  But there are times when I really do try.  And I know I can and should blame getting older/having too many children/ car accident/ being distracted/ being me/ shall I continue???  for forgetting a lot of things, but I just know that I have taken pictures at certain events for the express purpose of I don't want to forget because, oh look, brownies!

Well, what do you call it when you know.  YOU. KNOW.  you took a bunch of pictures of an event worth documenting and now you can't find them?

What do you call it when you write the post with said I would bet my life I'm so sure I took them photos in mind and then you can not CAN. NOT. find those pictures anywhere? ANWHERE!! on  your computers and backup files and you think maybe you should pay 24.95 to do an apple backup extractor thing but you did after all marry a guy who magics computers for a living and maybe he could find them but you kind of don't want to wait till he gets home because, well, do I really need to say why because?

What do you call it?????   (Aside from poor grammar and sentence structure?)

You call it welcome to my world,  that's what.

This was, afterall, going to be part of the great blogging about nothing and everything comeback that my 30 loyal followers, plus my Mom have been waiting for.  But maybe my life is meant to be like those deep thinkers at have been saying for years:

It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.

And if that's true, I might need to rethink everything.  Or at least have some chocolate.

What's thrown you for a loop today?

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