Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Do it Now

Guys, I hereby interrupt this blogging hiatus with a really important task for you to do.

1) Buy a perfectly ripe avacado and an equally perfect Atulfo Mango -the yellow, not red ones - they are in all ways superior, just trust me on this.

2) Slice and dice both into perfectly sized amuse-bouches.

3) Splash with equal parts of the nectar of heaven, aka balsamic vinegar,  and  lime juice.

4) Add a few dashes of freshly ground pepper.  Mix.

5) Inhale.

6) Wipe up the remaining dressing in your bowl with a torn half of a butter croissant.  Which is kind of redundant - Like saying add an orange orange to your recipe, but whatever.  It's totally worth it.

Realize this practically non-recipe was so good that you want to share it and wish you had taken a picture, but all you have is an empty bowl, a full stomach, and a lovely taste lingering in your mouth.

7) Don't judge me for eating lunch at 10:15.  I have a busy day, and if I do one thing it's eat three squares a day.

Here's a pretend abstract imagine-it-could-be-in-your-mouth photo.  Another way to remind you that photography is not in my skill set, and I'm ok with that.  Also - it's the other half of the croissant - I'm gonna eat it once I hit publish.  I have no shame.

Happy Spring People!

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