Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Twenty years. Happy Anniversary to us Josh!
In twenty years...There has been sickness. There has been health. There has been better and there has been worse. We've been richer and we've been poorer. I'm still not sure what I was thinking when I promised to obey. Maybe one day that will happen smile emoticon , Our thoughts on marriage and family and faith have changed so very much over this span of two decades. But somehow we continue to love each other and continue to work it all out. 
There is comfort and beauty in twenty years. There is so much scheduling and driving I can hardly believe it. Look at our family - they are the most amazing people on the planet, aren't they? They are why we are so tired ALL. THE. TIME. but they are so so worth it. What an incredible gift our family is. Twenty years has us right in the thick of this parenting thing, and of course we haven't got a clue, but we're trying, and I'm so glad to be figuring it all out with you.
What were we thinking twenty years ago? We had NO IDEA. Thank you forever and always to our parents and family who must have worn their knees right out, spending so so many hours praying because there is NO WAY we were ready to be married. We were babies!!! And builidng a healthy marriage is harder and better than I ever could have imagined when I was barely old enough to vote. And then when we were still toddling through our marriage we started having babies...again, who let's people do this? but I am so SO glad we did. 
It's the great mystery of life, really. You think you know what you want when you start out, and it rarely turns out like you plan, but it's wonderful in the end. (And if it's not wonderful yet, it musn't be the end, so hang on!)
And now, here we are twenty years later - it feels (again) like we know so much - but wisdom and experience tell us now that truly we only know enough to know that there is still so very much of life, of living, and each other to be discovered yet together.
There is noone that I would rather face the storms of life and learn to dance in the rain with than you, Babe. I love you. You are just the best.

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